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Endless Struggle to Save Alaska's Wolves

We are heartbroken to report that Alaska's wolves and bears are in more danger than ever. In 2002, my husband and I were instrumental in helping to establish a no-kill Buffer Zone adjacent to Denali National Park to protect the Toklat wolves. ("Look Inside" book. Click on "Table of Contents on the left." Click on "Create an Effective Only Petition - Page 4")

In 2010, after we moved to Montana and were considered "outsiders", the Alaska Board of Game eliminated the Buffer Zone, and in the Spring of 2012, the inevitable happened - one of the park's most viewed packs, the Granite Creek, was decimated when one of the pack's two primary breeding females was killed by a trapper.

The wolves of Denali National Park offer visitors one of the only chances to see a wild wolf in Alaska. To see why they are so special, click here.

There is currently a petition, sponsored by the Alaska Wildlife Alliance, to close the original Buffer Zone once again. We encourage you to sign it and help us spread the word.

The links to the right are some of the highlights from our years working on this issue.

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